Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good Choice Gody.

Luke Harangody is returning for his senior season with Notre Dame basketball. Smart choice Luke. There is no shame in choosing big fish/small pond over the amoeba/ocean scenario. Let's be honest. Notre Dame did not have the season they were supposed to. I personally blame Kyle McAlarney. I think he may have traded pot for booze, because he was having a lot of depth perception problems with those three-pointers he's apparently famous for. It also took him a long time to realize that if you miss 13 + shots in a row from the same spot...it's not happening. Own it. It's like a drunk guy who think's he's parked in his driveway and wakes up in the morning and is confused as to why the car is parked in his living room.

But whatever, Kyle's gone. Luke's here to stay- that's all that matters. Don't know why this ESPN article felt the need to end the article basically like this: "oh, and by the way, he lost some weight during the draft workouts. Notre Dame hopes this will cut back on court side deaths when he falls on people during games."

Ok, I added that last part, but...for real, they just called Luke Harangody a heifer. How more mean girls does it get?



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