Sunday, June 28, 2009

Go America?

I think it was Courtney who said that people that say, "Go America" aren't to be trusted. But, with Wimbledon and the Confederations Cup going on, who should I cheer for?

I always root for the Florida teams, unless I have a tie to their opponent. So, why shouldn't I do that for tennis and soccer this weekend?

So... Go America!

With the Williams sisters getting older, Andy Roddick robbing the cradle and marrying a 20 year old model (original, no?) and James Blake just doing whatever he does, I’m going to cheer for Melanie Oudin. Oudin was an unknown outside of tennis people, until she beat a former number 1 in the world. And, to top it off, SHE’S AN AMERICAN!

I hope Andy Murray wins too! He’s the scot that has weight of the entire United Kingdom to deliver a championship, the first since the 1930’s.

I like underdogs.

Anyways, Go America and Andy Murray! WooWhoooo.


Um, I would just like to stand up for myself here, I believe what Theo is referring to is my use of "Go America!" as a metaphor for an attitude of people.

Basically what I was saying is best said in the Chris Rock movie
Head of State. "God Bless America, and No Place Else!". Haha. Sorry. It's a funny movie. Next time it's on tv, it's totally worth the channel change.

Anyways, I didn't mean it literally, like for sports teams. I totally am all "Go America!" for Wimbledon and soccer (football!), or whatever else is going on. However- just because I am an American doesn't mean that I feel totally obligated to root for American teams. I review carefully first, deciding which team deserves my loyalty.

And yes, it is an honor to have my loyalty.


***And as a sidenote, on a semi- related topic: if you're traveling abroad. Do not wear a shirt with a flag and Go America! on it. I am against that. Fully and literally.

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