Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It was too long. I felt like half the movie was "the heroes" slow motion running away from explosions. There was plenty of action movie stereotypes like that- everyone was slightly sweaty at all times, while being tossed around like rag dolls and not getting injured. Somehow being dropped from about 40 stories up is no problem. It's all good.

They then spend approximately two hours to build up to this big battle, where Optimus Prime (SPOILER ALERT!!! ahaha) comes back to life and is supposed to defeat "The Fallen" in this huge, epic battle. No epic-ness. The whole thing took like two seconds. I had no doubt whatsoever that Optimus would prevail. It's like, they suddenly realized that they had two hours of movie and had to wrap it up. Cop out.

Was it entertaining? Yes. It was funny, although sometimes in places where I'm not sure it was meant to be, like when somehow a goat jumped off a roof, and I was like, "did anyone just see that...goat? Jump off the roof?" PETA will be all over that. I can see the headlines now: Transformers is BAAAAA-d for Non-Flying Goats. Hehe.
Luckily for Megan Fox she didn't have too many lines in the movie (shocker), just a lot of running and making a pout face while shaking her hair loose- which reminds me, who wears Daisy Dukes with Frye boots (ha, that rhymed!), and then hops on a motorcycle? That is the image of the female role model of our generation. Sad thing? I'm not even sure if I'm kidding. Anyways. She stayed tolerable, and Shia LeBoeuf stayed where he belongs, at the end of the list. My sleep will have no Shia interloper tonight.


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