Thursday, June 18, 2009

Now He's What Time It Is.

Remember those Mary Kate and Ashley straight to video movies? Of course you do, they defined our generation. Sadly enough. But with the many culturally relevant points they brought into our lives, such as the discussion about having your cake and eating it too, they also brought us the first appearance of Megan Fox.

...Where she created on of my favorite movie lines ever. EVER. Hate her as a person, but I have always been tempted to say it in all seriousness to someone.

Here's the scene: Brianna Wallace (Megan Fox) and posse are walking through a party, and of course, rando guys keep approaching them, because they are so totally the coolest, hottest girls there. lyke, fo sho.

rando boy: What's up?
Brianna Wallace: Not my temperature.

...and just keeps walking. Classic burn, and here she pulls it out again with this poor kid. Did he ever have a chance? Brianna Wallace, of the department store Wallaces, lives on.


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