Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why You Should Watch:

Skins, from BBC America. Honestly, one of the best shows on television... in the world- cause of the BBC thing... you know? But, really, this show is like The OC on crack. In fact a line from the show is - "It's like the fucking OC in here."

The show follows seven university students in Bristol, UK. We see their insane relationships with each other over 19 episodes with each character having at least one decided to them. The best part is that because it's from BBC America, it has all of our favorite four letter words. None of that, "Crap, he just made out with my boyfriend, I hate him." And, yes, I chose those words carefully.

Dev Patel.

FOLLOW THE LINK and laugh.

stop, admire, love, breathe and continue.

Dev Patel (s.a.l.b.c.) got his start on Skins as the insanely funny Anwar (hope you watched the link). The rest of the cast are pretty much unknowns to us with the exception of Tony, played by Nicholas Hoult - the kid from About a Boy. But from watching the show, I'd say just about everyone brings something to the table with really diverse cast.

Hannah Murray plays the lovable anorexic, pill-popping Cassie - she, basically, steals ever scene she's in and there are for sure parts of her wardrobe I want to steal. She's gotten the most publicity out of all of the cast members, besides Dev, with a ton of magazine features and a few UK covers.

The show also has an amazing sound track - personal favorite: Hummingbird by Born Ruffians, which was on The Hills a few weeks ago (there goes that). But, each episode holds at least two good tracks and there are a few online boards that have them listed if you're willing to search. But, who isn't for a good song?

iTunes offers the first two seasons for about $37 and the third one is running now in the UK. I've been trying to find the show online without much success, but I'll keep everyone updated.


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