Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Johnny et Marion ègale de perfection. Le sigh.

Public Enemies is coming out a week from tomorrow. I am so excited. I've never really been le fou for Johnny the way most of the world is, I just love his work. Never understood why. I think probably because I am not able to delude myself to think that I could ever be amazing enough to deserve him...so I use slight indifference as a coping mechanism.

Marion does not have this problem. She is totally on his level, and I'm kind of rooting for them as a couple, even though I love him and Vanessa Paradis, Johnny and Marion would be like...Brad and Angelina who?

"Johnny Depp is a very, very nice guy. I was very nervous but he was very protective of me and if you really want to know, he is a very, very good kisser."-Marion Cotillard

Le sigh.


--Photo courtesy of INF.com

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