Monday, June 22, 2009

A Beast Named...Kyle.

I have been secretly curious about this movie "Beastly" ever since I heard about it. I mean, we all love the classics right? Watching them being butchered completely is a bad habit of mine. A guilty pleasure if you will. Beauty and the Beast will be a new one- usually they go straight for Cinders-ella.

I even watched the Selena Gomez version of Cinderella, and I sat, slack-jawed and mesmerized by the horrific-ness of it for the entire...what, 2 hours? Felt like twelve. I mean- she was 15 and that guy was 25, and that's just to begin. But I digress.

Mary-Kate is stoned. Not a shocker. Vanessa Hudgens, or Baby V as she likes to be called (it's her stripper name, who am I to judge?), is a simpering idiot. Makes me want to puke everytime she opens her mouth and that child voice comes out of her creepy face.

And yet...I know I will watch it. I will resist at first, but my sick, twisted nature will take over, and there I will be, in front of the television, slack-jawed and horrified.


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