Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beer Pong...and Betty White

first off, betty white is one of the few people that i actually think gets better with time (like fine wine... i know, i shouldn't have gone there). the woman offered to give obama experience, EXPERIENCE!

but, here she is, playing pong with jimmy. second, is that real beer? natty light? i feel like jimmy is a bud lime kind of guy- despite the fact that that is a girl's drink. next, jimmy is 0-3 wtf!
opponent 1. anna kournikova - i'd give her the edge. hopefully, i don't need to say why, because i'm not going to do that.
opponent 2. serena williams is built like insanely muscular, if she didnt play tennis, i'd say she was built like a sigma chi frat boy - made for beer. with jimmy as her schwasty faceted tri delt.
last opponent. ivanka trump- why is she still on television. why is she playing beer pong. why would i waste more time on her. i won't.

back to betty. she's too funny. the shimmy move she does when jimmy's balls bounce off her chest. haha. that was priceless. i would love to get shit faced with betty - graduation gift? yes, please. sign me up.


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