Monday, June 15, 2009

Bands to Follow- Parachute

So I saw this band perform at Legends in South Bend, IN, and I must say one of the best surprises I've ever had. None of us expect the opening band to be that great, seriously. For me at least, they were better than Jon McLaughlin, whom they opened up for. He was good and all, but...I'm not sitting here writing about him, now am I? The only other time I've liked an opening band as much is when Delta Spirit opened up for Matt Costa at Jackrabbits last June. Going back to Doug days, those guys were literally bangin' on a trashcan. For some reason it the term "Indiana Jones Rock" came to mind. No idea why. Not an actual genre. I just made it up.

But I digress. Parachute is a band on the verge. Of what, who can really say. They are either going to burn brightly for a bit and flame out, or shoot up the top 40. I don't make predictions beyond that. Also, LOVE this picture of them. Reminds me of the Doors, 1966 Morrison Hotel album cover. Anyways, These guys are the most fan friendly band I've ever run across, I never got that 'I'm too sexy for these... fans' vibe, they were funny when I talked to them after the show at Notre Dame- huge Taylor Swift fans. The drummer, Johnny Stubblefield and the lead singer, Will Anderson both have facebooks, and communicate with their fans that way- twitpics and the like. Also they put up a lot of tour videos- funny stuff. Check out youtube for those. However, they also prove my one theory of bands: drummers are always in your face outgoing- because they constantly get stuck in the back- and bass players are always awkward. I've never seen it fail. Trust.

I saw them again in Jacksonville at Jackrabbits and...apparently their star has not come to the town of Lynyrd Skynyrd and (ugh, dare we own up to it?) Yellowcard. NO ONE was there. Walked up about 15 minutes after the show was supposed to start, get to the front door and the guy, "Are you Courtney?" Yeah. My name and my one friend's? Only names on the list. We walk in and the only people are the "with the band" people. Awkward. It filled out a bit, and they saved it by still pulling out a decent show. Next time they should play at Freebird- it's not such a black hole, plus that crowd would be way better for them.

They're going to be on the next episode of "Live From Daryl's House" (Daryl Hall, of Hall & Oates fame), airing today- I'll post that video later on.

Their "breakout" song is called "She Is Love" for a Nivea commercial, but I personally like this one, called "Ghost". Here's a good video of it:

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