Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blur is Back.

British pop/alternative legends Blur rolled back the clock to those totally clueless years, the 90's, when they closed the Glastonbury Festival on Sunday night. This was the first gig of their so- called comeback, in front of the 200,000 festival goers.

For those of you who need a refresher, they're probably most well known for Song 2, which is consistently played at sporting events around the country now, and really their only American hit. It's one of those, if you hear it, you'll recognize it songs. Also, Charmless Man is one of my favorites, for those of you looking to reminisce. They had a little chart war with Oasis back in the day, so if you're a fan of Britpop, you probably know all this already. Their guitarist, Graham Coxon left the group to pursue other interests, and the others, after doing a tour without him, did the same and haven't been back together until...well, now.

Fingers crossed, because I hear there is some musings of a new album. Score.


--Photo courtesy of WENN.com

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