Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We're So Downtown...

NYC Prep can basically be summed up in one sentence: "Money the wind," courtesy of P.C., the self-absorbed wanna-be male Blair of the group. Aspires to be an actor. Not shocking.

About half way through, Jessie, the bitchy fugly girl of the show, is discussing clothing with her friend:

Friend: "I wear stuff that's under $20 sometimes..."
Jessie: "That's because you're so downtown."

Theo and I are very downtown. Apparently.

All of these kids on doing this show for a reason. Kelli (with an i- that says it all), wants to be a singer...not happening. Camille wants to use it to fluff her college resume. Sebastian, oh dear Sebastian. He is the creepy, wanna be surfer dude who is on the show to get girls, because that is his self proclaimed "passion". Plans on getting married when he's 60...maybe 70. Jessie wants to do the show because P.C is doing the show. Taylor wants to be popular. Although she already considers herself popular- but doesn't like to say it. Simple motives for simple minded people.

Theo and I are making a proclamation right now: Sebastian is the breakout star of this show. All these people are relatively boring, while Sebastian's struggle with his grand delusions over his height will be the most interesting story line of the whole show. Short guys who think they're tall...classic. And the blazer/jeans/sneakers combo he sports says pretty much everything about him, and his hair fills in the rest.

-CE & TM

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