Sunday, June 14, 2009

The True Meaning of popYEAH!

Maxime Talbot. He originated it, we circulated it. Doing (or saying) what needs to be done/said in that perfect moment. It's like that crisp feeling of a coke on a hot summer day. That's popYEAH! It makes you want to dance and smile really goofy. Hug somebody (especially the happy-go-lucky hunk Marc-Andre Fleury). Seriously, in this picture doesn't it look like, just for a second, they thought about just going for it? Because they are just that adorably good looking. Definitely Marc-Andre did. I mean, that kid has a soul patch, in all seriousness.

Max has popYEAH! and he has spread it to us. Now we're giving it to you- in a non viral way. It's the IT factor, joie de vivre that just makes life better. The skip in your step. Everyone from a Stanley Cup winner to a paper pusher to the (ugh, dare I say it?) Lindsey Yuck-hans of the world can have it. And Max? He's got it coming out of that gross playoff beard. Yes, even that was popYEAH!

"Does it get any better than this? I always like to wake up every morning and say 'Today's the best day of my life,' and (Friday night) was really the best day of my life." -Max Talbot after winning the 2009 Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins.


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