Monday, June 22, 2009

What goes around...

Last night, the Black Eyed Peas’ manager allegedly punched Perez Hilton in the back of the head, after and Perez had an exchange. Apparently, the pair called each other faggots as the fight continued to escalade. I'm going to leave the slurs alone and get to the point.

Point -

Without a victim, there is no crime. I don’t see a victim…just Perez.

Maybe it was karma that punched Perez and not the manager, and if that's the case- I'm perfectly fine with that. Despite the fact that I follow Perez's blog religiously, he is a very cruel person. Like, a huge jerk. He is the ultimate attention whore. Perez bashes people for being themselves and feels the need to point out every person's flaw (today, he pointed out cellulite on Kristen Bell. WHAT?!).

Instead of calling the police, Perez (get this) TWEETED... TWITTERERED(?)... that he needed someone else to call the them, a call from Japan was recorded. I don't have a Twitter, but I think calling 911 is easier to do then make a TRL-style request for someone to get officials.

I don't condone violence, but I think this was God giving Perez a love tap of common sense. And, if God cursed, I think he'd be saying, "Bitch, please."


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  1. i believe the correct term is tweeted.

    and are you calling me God?