Sunday, August 30, 2009

After all these years

Hanson still holds a place in my heart. Right now, they're performing on Talk Show with Some guy that I don't know...

Isaac, Zac and Taylor. Love them. And now, they're fathers and have families; between them they have seven children. And, Court will love the Zac's kids' names: Jordan Ezra (October 31, 2002), Penelope Anne (April 19, 2005), River Samuel (September 4, 2006), and Viggo Moriah (December 9, 2008).

I wish all of the bands from my childhood were as amazing as them. They now work with Toms and a have a new EP coming out next month. I'll be buying it!

Truly, I will buy it. 'Penny & Me' is one of my favorite songs. Ever.

I love seeing people I once worshiped living happy, normal lives. They play music sometimes and raise their families. And, they still get a ton of royalties for 'Mmmbop.'

Take a listen to 'Running Man,' reminds me a bit Elton, my one true love.


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  1. hanson has kids now?! crazy! i do love the name penelope anne though! i'll have to write that down...