Friday, August 21, 2009

The Girl Has A Point...Finally.

First off- Kristen Stewart is 19? Damn. I'm 19. Now Theo is 19. It kind of does make me feel bad for her. I would hate all this stuff too- Theo will tell you I hate hassling with strangers. Especially creepy paparazzi ones. But, I guess that's the trade off, so I probably wouldn't bitch about it too much, but still, if that's her style, I guess that's cool. Finally she says something that doesn't make me dizzy or want to hate her.

"Normal 19-year-old people in the world f*** up and make mistakes they're late and almost get in car accidents all the time. It just happens and it's normal and if it happens, they pull over into a parking lot and they take care of it. But I pull into a parking lot and I can't back out of it because it's crowded with people shouting things like,
"Hey Kristen, you lost? Are you smoking pot? Are you f***ing Robert Pattinson?"

She does have a point. I mean, she can't go to a concert with a cast mate without people jumping all over it. Or get coffee with that same cast mate. Can't feel too sorry for her though.

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