Friday, August 21, 2009

Reggie Bush and the Big Easy.

It seems as though Reggie Bush and the Big Easy are back together again.

Preparing for the upcoming football season that is. But when he's not practicing, apparently he's busy reuniting with girlfriend Kim Kardashian. She recently attended a fashion event in New Orleans and was afterwards picked up by Reggie, and then the couple had dinner together.

Sorry Theo, now that Kourtney is preggers, I see this as staying together. I think Kim has the baby bug. Why do these girls keep going back to their ex-boyfriends for babies?

...Why do I bother theorizing about them?

Here's a story that doubles as a reality check: I went to go get my hair cut for school you know, and my mom and the hairstylist, who has been doing my family's cuts and everything for forever, ever since we moved to Florida, are chatting. What comes up? My mother's favorite topic aside from the Gosselin's- how dumb the Kardashians are. I should mention, our hairstylist is from Israel, and he just took off on a tangent- why are these people famous? They don't do anything, we used to save the dysfunctional people for Jerry Springer! They are just so ugly! They just look like a bunch of Pakistani's to me! So on and so forth.

It was a rant for sure. Not entirely positive about the Pakistani part- I pointed out that they were actually Armenian and he said, "bah, it's all the same!" He did make one good point though, when my mom asked "Television isn't like this over in Europe and the Middle East, is it?"

His response? HELL NO. "Don't you think Israeli's have a lot more to think about than making these horrible people famous?!"

Americans should have more important things to think about. We're in the middle of a recession and some of us are trying to pass healthcare reform. But we're not thinking about that stuff, and why? Because we're too busy worrying about the Kardashian clan.

I've always said the first break-up never sticks! That's why you never speak ill of someone ex after the first break up. No matter how much you hate them. Just hold your tongue - a "You can do better," is appropriate, but after that you can't say much else or you'll regret it when they get back together.

That's another lesson I learned from Seinfeld.

Photo courtesy of Splash News.

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