Friday, August 28, 2009

Natty P Loves Hip Hop.

Ok, used to love Natalie Portman, who didn't? I saw this really heinous documentary thing she did about gorrillas for the Discovery Channel. There was this one speech where she said "like," a thousand times in 2 minutes. Pet peeve. Huge pet peeve. Serious, this girl graduated from Harvard. She can find a way around it.

HOWEVER, this quote is making me change my mind a bit. This is a quote she gave when being interviewed by Jake Gyllanhaal for their new movie Brothers:

In my current state… I’m trying to think of a song that feels like sleepwalking. I don’t know. I’ve mostly been listening to dirty rap lately. That’s sort of my scene. Really, really obscene hip-hop. I love it so much. It makes me laugh and then it makes me want to dance. Those are like my two favorite things, so combined it’s great.

This is exactly my feelings about really dirty rap. Loves it. Know Theo loves it too. Lets blame it on 15 (count them, fifteen) years of Catholic school. Kindergarden through right this very minute. I am so weird.

I’ve been listening to "Wait (The Whisper Song)" by the Ying Yang Twins a lot lately, where the lyrics are like, "Wait ’til you see my d**k" -- which is just amazing because it’s whispered. I listen to it like I’m a five-year-old, like, "Oh my God! I can’t believe he just said that!"

In honor of this I have given her a hip hop nickname. Natty P. Spread it like wildfire.
Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

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  1. songs for finca made me fall in love with her. let me know if you want me to burn it for you...