Friday, August 28, 2009

Fug Mug.

This is John Mayer's mugshot from 2001 when he was arrested for driving with a suspended license. John challenged TMZ's head boss Harvey Levin to find the mugshot, and if he did, John would donate 25,000 to the charity of Levin's choice. I might add, all of this was done over Twitter, which is of course, slightly more binding than a pinky swear but slightly less than double doggie dare.

Don't ever let John Mayer tell you he hates the limelight. The paparazzi are his friends. Now that he doesn't have Jennifer Aniston anymore he has to resort to this to get some attention.

Well, it was a big to-do because found the mug shot first, and TMZ was...displeased. And I quote:

"Bottom line--here's what John said on Twitter: 'if Harvey Levin at TMZ can produce my mugshot, I will pay 25k to the charity of his choice'. We found the mugshot, so pay up John."

Doesn't this picture look like one of those 'face in the hole' things? Legit or not legit, that is the question.
Photo courtesy of Splash News.

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