Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Sexiest Man...Not Alive.

True Blood is so awesome. Everyone needs to take my advice and start watching it, because Alexander Skarsgard is fan-friggin-tastic. He is amazing as Eric Northman.

Sookie needs to stop hanging out with that boring vampire Bill and shack up with Eric. When he towers above Bill, at 6'4" there is just no competition. Bill is just a big ole short yawn of a guy. His skin is really papery looking too- Eric obviously moisterizes.

Alexander has just created an amazing character, he really sets the tone for everyone else in his scenes. Thank goodness they got rid of Eric's long hair he had in season one, it was totally masking his hotness.
Alexander Skarsgard has been nominated for Sweden's sexiest man five times, and I think it is far past time for People to put him on our cover. I mean, Nick Nolte has been a sexiest man alive. I'll borrow a phrase from the last time he was even remotely attactive: as if.


  1. i watched this week's episode! aren't you proud??

  2. OMG I am so proud! That's amazing- don't you totally agree with me, isn't Eric amazing??