Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hate Keanu Reeves. Seriously, just looking at this picture makes me want to punch him in the face. His is literally the worst actor of our times. In all of humanity. I mean, you've seen him in Much Ado About Nothing right? Who decided to let Shakespeare come out of this dude's mouth?

It is one of my main definine qualities that one of my hang-ups is The Lake House. Don't mention it to me. Ever. I will and have gone on hour long rants about how much I hated it. Even when the rant has ended, I will bring it up randomly for days afterwards. Example:

Person: So what do you think of Abby's haircut?
Me: Yeah, it's great. You know who has a fugly haircut? Keanu Reeves. Does he even cut his hair. I doubt it. He spends all of his energy making shit movies like The Lake House. Donneven get me started. Donneven.

I almost demanded for my money back, but it's not the girl at the counter's fault. It's Keanu's. When and if I meet him, I am so getting my seven bucks back.
Photo courtesy of WENN.

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