Sunday, August 16, 2009

Delta Spirit.

They've been one of my favorite bands since I saw them open for (le sigh) Matt Costa at Jackrabbits in 2006, and despite earning much critical acclaim for their 2008 official debut LP Ode to Sunshine they haven't really touched the main stream. I mentioned them briefly in our first listening is sexy segment, but it is far past time to make Delta Spirit an official inductee.

Delta Spirit is a heavenly slice of Americana music pie at your favorite joint- not only do they taste damn good, but the atmosphere is outta site. These boys put on a helluva show, they are literally "banging on a trashcan", something the Doug fan in me cannot resist, plus it creates a forceful percussion sound that really defines this band. Lead singer Matt Vasquez projects with so much courageous love and simultaneous jittery agony that the entire audience is put into a rapture that can only be described as a spirit- a delta spirit. By the time he leads you into the soaring guttering call, "If you're feelin' what I'm feelin' come on, all you soul-searchin' people come on..." you're ready to follow this band to the end of the world.

They are the kind of band that makes you understand the hero worship that inspired Almost Famous. That is, the "we're all about the music" part, not the groupie part that is. Although it must be said that Matt Vasquez has a certain Johnny Cash meets Indiana Jones thing going on. No lie.

Although they hail from the sun and waves of the land of the Beach Boys, their sound borrows a lot more from the Southern end of the Mason- Dixon line than their San Diego roots. Sample Trashcan downbelow. Yes, they do use the trashcan in the song.
Members: Jon Jameson (bass), Matthew Vasquez (vocals, guitar), Sean Walker (guitar), Kelly Winrich (multi-instrumentalist), Brandon Young (percussion)
If you like: Spoon, Cold War Kids, Muddy Waters; you will like Delta Spirit.

Trashcan - Delta Spirit

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