Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taylor, Taylor and Selena.

I once totally could not care less about Taylor Swift. I have no idea what it is, but she is beginning to melt my cold, cold heart with her...ugh- this is cloying even to write- country sweetness.

This week especially, since all these pictures of her in London have surfaced in the most adorable outfits! My sister kind of has these white sunglasses, except hers have tiny painted flowers in the corner. Totally cute. They make everything look kind of blue tinted instead of just dark the way normal sunglasses do, it's too cool, trust.

I do love that she isn't afraid to wear heels. Even when she was dwarfing Joe Jonas on the red carpet, she didn't really seem to care. He did though, you could totally tell. I bet that's what they broke up over.

The jury's still out on how I feel about her as an actress though. She's starring in Valentine's Day with Taylor Lautner, I'm going to assume it's a tween love comedy.

You always hear about awkward it is for actors to kiss in a scene, that it's not romantic at all because you have all these people watching you, but just look at this picture. That is so awkward. I get it now. Taylor L. is feeling the awk- seriously, look how he's standing, totally frozen. Taylor S. is all carefree and leaning in, and Taylor L. is just like...there. And I feel like I'm in middle school again.

And perhaps this is awkward for another reason- isn't Taylor Swift like, BFF with Selena Gomez? Now, her and Taylor Lautner have supposedly broken up, although I've heard rumors to the contrary, but either way, isn't this kind of a no-no in girl world? Even if it is for a job...that's a big elephant in the room. Especially when they're sitting in the theater together at the premiere, Taylor, Taylor and Selena. AWK.
Photos courtesy of Zimbio.

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