Monday, August 17, 2009

A Little Bit of Soul

Maxwell. Yummmmy. Like seriously my gosh, he's gorgeous. I really am not as superficial as I seem, but... he's a singer and not just a gorgeous face... and body... with that sexpot vibe.

Back to what I was saying. Maxwell is straight up R&B with more vocal then dance (wife beater, chris brown). He can't dance, but why do I need my singers to dance (beyonce)?

His newest single 'Pretty Wings' is sultry and smooth, it took me three listens to realize it's really sad because I promise his voice just carries you away and I love it. This is soul dancing music and God help us if I'm dancing.

Next is Anthony Hamilton with 'The Point of it All', nothing new since 'Charlene'. The Ultimate Love Song since I don't even know. His voice makes me want to fall in love and not even with just him, really? Anyone.

"The point of it all? I love you"

That's the chorus. That line.

This song is less sexy, but more of an epic ode. I want to meet his significant other because she's the luckiest person ever, because he keeps cranking out hits about love. I'm jealously waiting for my Anthony Hamilton/Maxwell.

I have to add, Theo is an awesome dancer. She rocked her boot at Senior Party. It was awesome.

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