Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eric Hutchinson & Matisyahu.

B1 Block Party was last night at Notre Dame, featuring reggae- singing rabbi Matisyahu (Matthew Paul Miller) and Perez Hilton ingenue Eric Hutchinson. Amazing concert. It was all outside, Chic-fil-a catered. Hot damn, you know I live and breath for some Chic-a-fil, as my grandfather likes to call it. Not great with the names. Wonder what he would do with Matisyahu. Oh Lord. I won't even try it.

The night didn't start off so well since my less- than covert efforts to sneak in my camera were an epic fail. Big ups to our friend Tim for letting Brian Williams chill in his room for the night. I will give a big hug to anyone who can give me the actual sensical reason why cameras with a detachable lense are so hated at concerts, and part B of the question- who does Legends think they are? I saw Jack Johnson at an outdoor ampitheater and I snuck it in. No biggie. Eh, bad timing. And the kid was wearing aviators so of course he was going to be all into his job.
We were right up against the stage for Eric Hutchinson, I was kicking myself for being without Brian Williams, but Kate from Kansas saved the day and let me use her point and shoot so I got a couple cute shots. Eric Hutchinson was of course a great live performer. It was so much fun, and being outside was just the ish. He loves his band you can tell- they were all wearing shirts and ties, and had all the necessaries for a band: happy-go- lucky drummer, cool/fun guitarist (white guy with dreads, and it totally worked) and awkward bass player. That's a must. Bass player must always be awk or your band won't work. Trust. That's him to the side- looks awkward right?

He sounds pretty much exactly how he sounds on the CD, upbeat, fun- no disappointments. Engages the crowd, really enjoys being up there. His outfit made me laugh a bit with the outfit, I wasn't sure if he was going to hand me a large lollipop or fried chicken or something. Especially with the sperries, it was very southern gentleman. He's from D.C.- I checked it on wikipedia, so you know it's legit. He also had an extreme cowlick thing going on that was just bouncing up and down during his entire performance. It was mesmerizing. Molly and I couldn't focus on anything else.We took a picture with him afterwards and he looked dead tired. In a creepy homeless man kind of way. I could have put groceries in the bags under his eyes. Poor thing. It doesn't show in the picture, but up close he had skin like vampire Bill on True Blood. GASP- Eric Hutchinson is a vampire? That would be so sweet.
Now onto Matisyahu. Really good. Into his performance so much that he was almost in a trance. It was slightly on the brim of my musical tastes, but I enjoyed it. I was effing freezing, but I enjoyed it. You would not believe how cold it was- in August. It's still August, that is what I have to keep telling myself. It was at least in the 50s that night.

Anyways, I heard from Kelsey and Molly that Matisyahu's dad was in the crowd dancing, which is adorable. Apparently he looked just like him, many people looking like Matisyahu can there be walking around Notre Dame? Sound like a legit tip to me.

I have to give him credit- it cannot be easy trying to break into the rasta business when you're a Hasidic Jew. He was completely into his performance and rocking his look. At the time I thought it was contrived and a case of "i think i'm real cool", but sleep and a warm bed has changed my thoughts on the matter. I think he's legit, and cold weather makes me preternaturally mean, so I feel like I was too rash to judge.
Conclusion: Definite like. If either of these two come near you- GO.

Eric Hutchinson, if you like: Matt Costa, Ben Folds, Switchfoot
Matisyahu, If you like: Damien Marley, Phish

If you want to read a review by someone who LOVES Matisyahu, check out my roomie Katie's blog, Katie Nash Knows. If you go to it, make sure to click on the Eva Danielle banner. She makes commission for every click she gets- support a fellow college student.

02 Oh! - Eric Hutchinson

King Without A Crown - Matisyahu
Photos courtesy of Courtney and NPR.

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