Saturday, August 29, 2009

popYEAH! Happy for Engaged John Krasinski, Sad for Themselves.

These were a clump of articles on today. Oh how true the first title is. Too true.
* Fans Happy for Engaged John Krasinski, Sad for Themselves
* Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Are Engaged
* Michael Bublé Still Carries Torch for Emily Blunt
* Michael Buble Still Cries Over Emily Blunt Breakup
* Caught in the Act!

The Jim Dream dies. At least it wasn't Rashida Jones. I wouldn't of been able to take it. popYEAH! is going to take a few moments to recognize the passing of this lovely, lovely dream. Remember this picture? The picture that gave hope to a nation? Ugh. It makes me sick to look at it now. So much hope- wasted!Jenna got divorced from her directer husband. John was dating Karen (Ok- Rashida Jones). Life mimicing art so cruelly. We thought it was possible- all the stars were aligning! They could finally be together! Le sigh. I suppose we'll just have to settle for Jim and Pam being together. Is it possibly enough? It has to be.
Ugh. Look how perfect they are together. I will somehow hold it together. I just have to throw myself into watching this fall. I will keep it together. I have to- for the blog. PB & J, Jam, whatever name you had for them, no longer.
Anyways, here's a small John/Jim montage.OH LORD. Remember this one? I could never pass a GAP store without staring at it. So adorable. We posed with it before Fall Formal junior year. Good times.-CE
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