Sunday, August 16, 2009

Philadelphia's Most Wanted.

Shane Victorino of the Phildelphia Phillies gets a beer poured on him by a Chicago fan in the 5th inning on August 12th in Wrigley Field.

Johnny Macchione was the guy who did it, although they originally arrested the wrong guy. Johnny boy only turned himself in after his ugly mug was plastered all over the internet by irate fans showing that it was actually he that threw the beer, not the poor guy three seats down. Wrong place, wrong time buddy. But here's the thing...he must have watched this poor guy get arrested and said NOTHING. What a d-bag.

Outside of the police station, he admitted to being the biggest idiot fan since... well, there are so many to choose from, but he's one of my top five, this is hysterical. How stupid he is, not what he did.
"It was a big mistake. I'd like to apologize to Shane Victorino," said the 21-year-old, who described himself as a lifelong Cubs fan. "It really is nothing against him. It was a mistake like I said. The Chicago Cubs -- I'm sorry I disgraced you, the fans of the Cubs, myself, my family. And that's all. The courts will handle itself. . . . It was just an impulse."

This video is the funniest thing ever though- watch till the end. You can see the kids face as it slowly breaks through his boozed up mind what exactly he's done. Or maybe he really does just want his beer back. His friend's face is the best part though- pure "oh shit, dude!" shock.

Ugh those sunglasses make him look like such a guido. He better stay away from Philadelphia for the next oh, hundred years or so.

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