Monday, August 31, 2009

Elephant Art.

Gossip Girl fans are counting down to the premiere on Monday Sept. 14th with our favorite boring couple, on the show and in real life.

Not quite as boring as I thought though- for some reason I always thought of them just hanging out in coffee shops and attending plays, operas, thinking they're real cool (itis) stuff like that. This is along that line of thinking, but on a much higher level than I ever expected from them. I love it when boring people surprise me.

Penn and Blake went to Tailand earlier this year- what a date. Very pretentious bohemian, but still impressive. I mean, real bohemians can't afford to pay $300 He said, “Surprisingly, the most spiritual thing [Blake and I did in Thailand] was riding the elephants. They are incredible creatures and I honestly wasn’t expecting it. They’re unbelievably smart and communicative. I literally had a physical feeling in my chest. It was religious, nearly - I’m not religious but riding them was unbelievable.”

Blake Lively is apparently an art fiend, and in fact Penn got her "a painting from a Russian street artist," for her birthday. How bon vivant of him. But nothing could compare to this,

“The elephants paint, man! It’s really mind-blowing. We paid $300 for six hours with our own elephant each. We rode them into the river, we bathed them, got back on them, rode them into the jungle and they painted! Blake's painting is beautiful. Mine didn’t come out so well.

I really want some elephant art. The day has come where I am jealous of boring Penn Badgley whose father named him after tennis balls- really, it's true. So I'm jealous of THAT guy. The epitome of the brown jacket guy.
Photo courtesy of Just Jared.

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