Monday, August 17, 2009


I couldn't think of a better title because watching this video, all I could do was laugh. Usually, stupid things like this wouldn't be worthy of my time except for the fact that I channeled this moment walking to my dorm room.

Of course, no one was there, which means my laughter was unheard and my fall was unseen.

I laugh when I fall, because I'm clumsy it happens quite often so I just roll with it... and hope not to break my face.

So, this is Mischa Barton falling. She's had a rough few weeks, and now this which confirms the fact that she's human- unlike what she tries to portray.

i'm also adding scarlett takes a tumble to stick with the falling theme.

i'll say it for you. wtf is she doing on the table. i'm not as big as her and i don't go standing on table. she deserved it.


1 comment:

  1. scarlet never gets old.
    and i had a flash back-remember volleyball tourny freshman year? theo takes a tumble...into a marta ticket-taker? i am almost positive i peed my pants when that happened but only because i, too am allowed to laugh because i have been there.