Sunday, August 23, 2009

Uncle Al.

When did Al Pacino get so old? I feel so guilty. Theo can tell you, when it comes to elderly people, I get very oddly emotional. Especially if they're working in a fast food joint or something. That is the most depressing. Seriously, I like, cry.

Then someone, usually Theo, has to talk me down and say that they want to work, to get out in the world. That working is fun for them.

Seriously though, Al Pacino overnight has become your adorable elderly uncle who slips you a five dollar bill and tells you not to spend it all in one place.

I am so depressed. Well, he looks like he's having fun, right?

It's true. Court once called me to inform me that she felt like my mother (who has an MBA) could work at Costco as a greeter when she is elderly. Really, she called JUST to tell me that.

Photo courtesy of Splash News.

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