Thursday, August 27, 2009

Serious Case Of "IthinkI'mRealCool"-itis.

Penn Badgely and Hillary Duff shooting a scene for Gossip Girl where Hillary plays some sort of starlet who comes to NYU and becomes Blah-Dan's love interest. Yeah right. Like that would ever happen.

But first things first: What is on his wrist? Is that a...calculator? I legitimately feel ill. Who put that on him? It is obviously for style. I can handle ugly things that have a purpose- except for fanny packs, there's no excuse for that shiz, take a backpack or a purse. But how do you even type in numbers on that? It's so tiny and fug!

That's what I'm going to start calling him now- Penn Fugly. Kind of sounds like his real name.

Seriously though, there is no reason for this to be on his wrist except for "I think I'm real cool"-itis. It's a disease sweeping the nation that I fear has no cure. Symptoms include wearing fug things for the sole purpose of being cool (i.e. skimpy dresses when it's 2 degrees outside), pretending you've heard of something (an author, musician, movie, etc.) when you have no idea, as well as raising your hand in class to use a big word you don't understand.

The last one especially has been getting on my nerves this past week.

Well, I love Hillary's dress anyways. At least someone on that set is a normal human being.
Photos courtesy of Splash News.

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  1. ahahha. i know people who have that watch. i'm not the biggest fan....