Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love That Anderson Hates Heidi.

Maybe hate isn't the word, it's better than hate. He couldn't care less about her other than a funny little quipping point on "The Shot". He's a Vanderbilt for goodness sakes- he has whatever Heidi is desperately clawing to get at bred in him so easily that he is confused as to her existence at all.

Love Anderson. Love Anderson so much. Love that he that he always says what he thinks. I mean, he's a Vanderbilt, he doesn't have to worry about what Heidi Pratt or what Lindsay and Ali Lohan's drinking buddy Dina thinks of him.

Anderson Cooper is just awesome. There are no words to describe it really, but it's like Kelly from The Game said:

"There are some people you just don't turn down- George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Anderson Cooper- gay or straight I just LOVE him!"

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