Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hot Boy Does Something Nerdy.

Zac Efron is hard at work on his movie The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. Here he is shooting a scene with co-star Charlie Tahan where they pretend to fly a remote control airplane in Vancouver, Canada.Here's...well, can't even call it a theory, it's pretty much proven, but here goes: Hot boy (Zac Efron) does something nerdy, makes hot boy even hotter. What do you think? Does this make Zac even hotter? I know it's not possible in the eyes of some of you. Some people like Molly.

I will probably be forced to see this movie the same way I was dragged to 17 Again. Not going to lie- I didn't hate it. It would have been better it hadn't cost me $8 though.

I am curious about the title though- does he die, and again? We'll see.
Photo courtesy of Splash News.

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  1. boy who doesn't care if he is being goofy or not (not awkward goofy aka still trying to be cool) is legit.