Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's simple. You move too little, and eat too much.

Before, I left for school I read this quote to Court and Sarah, because it just me die of laughter. Naturally the context of the quote would help you understand- a doctor said this to his overweight patient who was having trouble losing weight.

But, anyways, this quote came back to me after watching some cable news and I heard about www. mybypasssurgery.com. It's a site dedicated to raising money for obese people's gastric bypass surgery. The first person is Jake, a student with a 3.9 and is supposed to be an amazing artist.

He's always been obese and has a 75% body fat. Yikes, not healthy at all.

But, while I think he needs help, I'm not sure how I feel about this site... I don't like gastric bypasses. I have personally known people who have undergone the surgery and slowly but surely regained all of the weight. Sometimes, even more weight.

I feel like his friends would help him more by hiring a weight loss specialist and a trainer, like re teach him how to eat and stuff.

Truly, I'm trying to be sensitive, but it's just hard to get behind this. Gastric Bypass isn't the answer to everything.

How do you feel? Should we donate to "Jake's Cause"?
-TMI agree with Theo- I think Gastric Bypass surgery is a quick fix to a problem that was caused by a lifetime of quick fixes. What about the people who are losing weight the hard way on The Biggest Loser? There are so many morbidly obese people who have lost a ton of weight that way- it's not impossible. For instance, Bill in the above picture. He lost 164 lbs, and has started an inspiration speaking venture with his brother. "It's been 17 months, and I still have not had a shred of pasta, a single beer or a slice of white bread," he said to People.com. There are so many stories like this- move more, and eat less!

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