Monday, August 24, 2009

Hats and Tattoos

That's clearly what is on the mind of Megan Fox and on and off again fiancee, Brian Austin Green, as the leave his child from a previous relationship.

Okay, they aren't actually leaving him behind (there are also pictures of Megan holding his hand), but I'm almost 100% sure that's what they are thinking. Hats and tattoos. What a combo.

I think tattoos are cool, when meaningful and easily coverable. This isn't a popular view, because "Why, Theo, get a tattoo just to cover it up?"

"Well, Rando. Because, unless you plan on marrying rich, tattoos aren't ideal for most work places - good luck getting a job with a tattoo on your face (MIKE TYSON)."

Yes, he works, as an actor... playing himself AKA large, mentally unstable black men.

Or, Lil' Wayne. Who in their right mind would hire him? His four face tattoos scare me.

But, this is an unpopular (as I said), but alas popYEAH! is my and Court's opinion.



Photo of Megan Fox

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