Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sugar Rush.

This is so sweet I can't even stand it- an early morning mommy and daughter coffee and...whatever it is Violet has in that bag. They didn't even get out of their pajamas. It is so refreshing that Jennifer Garner isn't wearing any makeup, and could really care less except that the paparrazzi are interrupting her morning with her daughter.

How sweet are those PJ's? I swear, this little girl looked so happy this whole trip. I can just picture Ben at home, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper with the baby while mom spends some "big girl time" with Violet.
It's stuff like this daughters don't forget. When I was little, my mom would let me snuggle on the couch with her while she was watching ER after everyone else had gone to bed. Then she would cover my eyes whenever someone starting gushing blood. Ah, memories.

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