Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We Missed You James.

James McAvoy has signed on to do the film adaptation of the Will Reiser novel I'm With Cancer. The picture will also co-star Seth Rogan, who will also produce it.

Yay! James is back! This will be the first major project James has agreed to star in since signing onto the Wanted series and it's sequel. He will play a 25 year old who learns he has cancer and successfully battles it over several years.

It is based on the real experiences of film writer Will Reiser who won his own battle with cancer in his early 20's.

Yes, I can see him playing this role. Do I want to? Maybe not. I am wary of cancer movies after My Sister's Keeper. But then again, people like to be entertained in these tough times- perhaps a cancer...comedy will fare better? Eehh. I think not.

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