Monday, August 31, 2009

Alexa is Aces, Just Aces.

My sister has been on me to write another blog about Alexa Chung, so I found a video on her MTV site where she sings a line of Ace of Base's "All That She Wants", which is perfect, because Meg and I lived for Ace of Base when we were younger. Our car trips were all about Ace of Base, even if it was just up to the grocery store.

Ace of Base is the first kind of music I can remember liking, and I say that with much pride.

I also attached Alexa's interview with Alexis Bledel on August 20th. It's creeping me out how alike they are. First of all- the name. Second- their shoes. They are wearing almost the exact same shoes. Both former models. Brunette and pale.

However, Alexa is slightly more...outgoing. Less fidgety I guess. But OMG how funny does Alexis get when she's translating? Adorable. Very adorable girls.

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