Friday, August 28, 2009

Sexiest Vampire.

YES. Today is a great day for Buffy fans and people who are sick of the Twilight mania and the mania about all the Twilight mania.

Robert Pattinson came in second as the worlds sexiest vampire, according to a poll for Hello magazine.

Who is the sexiest vampire you ask? David Boreanez as Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Angel. Boom roasted Twilight!

The only downside is Alexander Skarsgard came in third. I'm sorry, he's totally hotter than R Patz. Way hotter. I'll blame that on not enough people watching True Blood. Which they should. Of couse boring Vampire Bill came in at number five, so I guess it ended up being a win for True Blood with two of their sexy vamps in the top five.

Oh yeah, and Brad Pitt was fourth. Eh, not so much.
Photo courtesy of Splash News.


  1. pardon my french, but david boreanaz is the shit. period. end of story. i watched buffy, i watched angel, and i am now a devoted follower of bones and let's just say, while emily deschanel is adorable, she's not the reason i watch.

    as for brad pitt... not at all hot in Interview with a Vampire. if anything he was mildly repulsive. mildly, but repulsive none the less.

  2. agreed. robert pattinson is just not up to par. Sorry. Abs, you have to watch True Blood online. You would love it. LOVE it.