Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You've Got to be Kidding Me

Rumer Willis (#4). Rumer Rumer Rumer Willis. Who do you think you are? Well, let me tell you- you are a product of three famous parents.

This is what the least attractive Willis said,

"If you're talented you'll get work. If you suck then you won't. In the end, talent is all that matters because you could go and get an audition, but if you go in there and you suck you're not going to get a job."

These are true statements. But Rumer, your mother is Demi Moore. DEMI FREAKING MOORE. And I promised you, without your mother... or even, your famous father... and step father - no one would know who you are! Trust me on this. NO ONE!

I hate people that truly believe they did it alone. She's not Johnny Depp. She lacks sex appeal, talent and well... looks. So far, she's played the ugly girl that gets a makeover to look normal.


Fyi: her younger sister is going to Brown. Don't hear her saying she did it alone.


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