Monday, August 17, 2009

She's Done It Again

Emma Watson has once again made me fall in love with her. These are a few of the pictures from a stint as a Russian cover girl for its Vogue.

Really, she looks older, but not skanky (VANESSA... HAYDEN... SKANY FACE MILEY McGEE). And the fact that she's going to an Ivy League school very soon, makes these twenty times better, no?

I cannot wait for her to take over America again, I flipped through my Vogue and nearly died when I saw her Burberry Ad. It's just that amazing.

She's like so poised, like the worst scandal I could find on her was underage drinking when she was like 16. Jesus, if she wasn't drinking in the UK at 16, I might have thought of her as an uptight bitch.

Emma's going to university and will party. Loves it. Cannot wait to see what she arrives on campus in.

Here's a link to the rest of the pictures.

Where is Kirsten Stewart going to college? Enough said.


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