Wednesday, August 26, 2009

True Blood Fashion Round-Up.

Alright, I love Sam, well on the show at least, I don't know much about him in real life. Honestly, what I'm starting to know about him in real life isn't too promising. I can only chalk this up to the fact that he is newly famous.

I feel like he's about to offer me fried chicken. Or a mint julep. Doesn't he just look SO southern?

Hate the haircut too. I like Sam with the shaggy dog 'do. Now onto Anna Paquin.
Ok, so this is the worst possible picture of Anna, her face is all scrunched up, but still- how could my new style icon wear something that evil swampthang Megan Fox has worn? And wear it...kind of worse. I hate the sleeves on it. She just looks stuffed into it somehow. Which is weird because she is a tiny girl.

This is depressing. Aside from the slightly funny picture of Colonel Sam, this is a very depressing True Blood day. I'll have to find Lafayette somewhere. He's always wearing something fabu.
Photos courtesy of Splash News.

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