Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This better be a lie. This just can't work, and I'm not okay with it? And, I know Court won't be either.


I know. You're freaking out too.

Despite what the male population may believe, Megan Fox cannot do everything. And, boys, something should not be remade.

Halle Berry will always be catwoman to me. And, before that Michelle Pfeiffer.

Who stands out in those names?

Megan Fox. Halle Berry. Michelle Pfeiffer.

Besides, the H thing, it's Fox. She can't follow in their footsteps or in suits.

WHAT??? This better be one of those deals where you fell asleep while watching TV and dreamed this, because you're right, I am NOT ok with this.

No offense, but Halle Berry sucked it up as Catwoman. It was totally panned as a movie. Michelle all the way.

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