Sunday, August 16, 2009

Soaking Up Design Wisdom.

Design*Sponge was a blog started by Grace Bonney in hopes that it would lead to a permanent job at a major design magazine. That was five years ago, and not only has her blog become a bible for up and coming creators, but it is also her full time job. For fans of magazines like Domino or websites like Etsy, it is a go-to that cannot be ignored. It's also something pretty to look at, like an Anthropologie dress you can actually afford. Her posts reflect her eclectic and numerous knowledge about things like papergoods, cooking, ceramics, textiles, furniture and more.

My sister, who I completely and totally bow to when it comes to designing and all things I have no patience for, has been reading this blog for forever. So trust, Megan is the one who turned me onto Lainey Gossip. I then, spread the Lainey gospel to all I know. And don't you love her? So follow Megan's lead on this one- Design*Sponge is great for those of you who wish to slow down a bit and learn about the creative side of life.What's next for this design/blogging phenom? “I’d love to research, work with and support artists in a different region,” Bonney says. “I feel strongly about the work coming from South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina right now, so I’d love to have a change of scenery and see what’s happening somewhere south of Brooklyn.”

Awesome- from visiting farmers markets and small businesses from Florida to North Carolina, I can tell you that there is a immense passion for the time tasking arts down here. It's a veritable plethora of creativity, and we would be happy for a little Design*Sponge action!

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