Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Labor Pains Punking?

Has anyone else seen Labor Pains? Yes, I am talking about the movie with Lindsay Lohan that was originally supposed to be in theaters but couldn't hack it and went straight to Fox Family.

Don't judge me- it was on for like three days straight. I had to watch. What I didn't have to do was watch it over and over again, like I did. But anyways, if you're unfamiliar, Lindsay plays this girl, Thea, who is about to be fired so she blurts out that she's pregnant so she won't get fired. She is not, in fact pregnant. She spends the whole movie swapping out fake stomachs from maternity stores, and by the end of the movie she has totally convinced herself she is pregnant, it's sick.

Kourtney Kardashian is supposedly five months pregnant. Doesn't she look like, 1000 months pregnant? She is a flipping tent practically overnight. I know this is crazy, but I should point out that the whole family is crazy, and isn't it just the tiniest bit possible that she is pulling a Labor Pains? I mean, her being pregnant is awfully conveniently timed with the pilot of her and Khloe's reality show.

Wouldn't it just be so wild if she was like, "Psych guys- you just got punk'd!" or she was on that reality tv show like Avril Lavigne was where she made people think she was pregnant? I wish I could remember what it was called...oh well, you know what I mean. It's a reality show where celebrities play mind tricks with the media by manipulating situations. Eva Longoria-Parker and Mario Lopez were on it and they pretended to be "lovers" or something.

Just think about it.
>>>By the way, guys who wear plaid pants are d-bags. Trust. I guess they think they're bad ass and only wearing plaid ironically. Yeah, ok.
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