Monday, August 17, 2009

Iceberg Vanessa.

I just threw up. EVERYWHERE. (haha alison, that one is going to stay with you for a while).

But the point: Vanessa Hudgens as good as told the entire world that she and Zac Efron are engaged. And I mean the entire world- Zac probably has no idea.

She told the British newspaper News of the World,
"We haven't set a date, but if we did we'd try to keep it a secret for as long as possible. Why? What if one of us was offered a major film part? Then we'd have to postpone our marriage and people would think we'd split up. And we don't want that."

The way she says, "and we don't want that." Sends chills up my spine. This girl is bat shit crazy. What if "one of us" got a major film part? There is no movie in the world that could keep this girl from becoming Mrs. Vanessa Efron. This is verbatim a line that Zac has fed her to keep her at bay.

I bet she already has their monogrammed towels. This is a very specific plan, and the fact that she's sharing it with a reporter shows that she doesn't think it's that specific. Which means her plan is like an iceberg, and this is just the tip.

Hopefully she'll be wearing clothes in her wedding photos.
Photo courtesy of WENN.


  1. she and Zac Efron is engaged.
    she and Zac Efron is engaged.
    she and Zac Efron ARE engaged.

  2. blast you! now i finally know what you're talking about abby.

    why is it you never comment with compliments?